I come to the mission and ministry of SIM Canada’s  wearing two hats. I serve as the Director of Development but also as a missionary to the Middle Eastern and North African community in the GTA.

“We are blessed to be a blessing and we are all called to be missionaries to a world that needs to hear the gospel – I am looking forward to sharing my story and hearing your story, passion, call and looking for ways we can engage this world together.

I am especially thrilled with SIM’s commitment to reach the world that has come to Canada through the ministries of Culture ConneXions (CCX). This is our opportunity to share the good news with new immigrants and even those who have been living in Canada their entire lives! We have been appointed by God to share the gospel with every Canadian and it will be our joy to watch Him change hearts and transform lives as they engage with His Word.

I am incredibly encouraged as SIM Canada seeks to be innovative in ministry and be led in prayer. We walk with God – an adventure that is only made more exciting as we yield more of ourselves to Him. My prayer is that I will discern what needs to be done to support the work and the team of SIM Canada. May He lead me to others who are just as passionate to see lives changed – perhaps that is you!

I am absolutely spoiled to be able to use my gifts here at SIM and thrilled that God has opened this window of opportunity. I look forward to serving with you as we work to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.”


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