1910 missionary conference in Edinburgh Scotland

When the 1,200 delegates gathered from North America and Europe, Latin America was completely overlooked.

By the 1980’s, key leaders felt it was time to channel the passionate flames in Latin America into world mission.  At the first COMIBAM (Ibero-American Missions Cooperation) hosted in San Pablo, Brazil in 1987, 60 organizations came with 1,600 cross-cultural missionaries.

By the end of that historic assembly, the delegates declared their commitment to be —

… ‘I have placed You as a light for the Gentiles,
So that You may bring [the message of eternal] salvation to the end of the earth.’” – Acts 13:47

The second commitment was from a paraphrase of Zechariah 4:6 — “neither by dollars nor computers, but with my Spirit.”  This was a bold declaration that a lack of resources would not be used as an excuse for not participating in the task God had given to His entire Church.

1910 missionary conference Edinburgh Scotland

World Missionary Conference Records, Edinburgh, 1910

World Council of Churches

Challenges for Church and Theology in the Twenty-first Century


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