Centrality of God

centrality of God

“Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!
    He is to be feared above all gods.”  –  Psalms 96:4

The most crucial issue in missions – centrality of God in the life of the Church.  Where people are not stunned by the greatness of God, how can they go with this ringing message from Psalms 96:4?  Missions is not first and greatest — God is.

William Carey, the father of modern missions, who set sail for India from England in 1793, expressed the connection —

“When I left England, my hope of India’s conversion was very strong; but amongst so many obstacles, it would die, unless upheld by God.  Well, I have God, and His Word is true,  Though the superstitions of the heathen were a thousand times stronger than they are, and the example of the Europeans a thousand times worse; though I were deserted by all and persecuted by all, yet my faith, fixed on the sure Word, would rise above all obstructions and overcome every trial.  God’s cause will triumph.”

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The centrality of God



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